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Essential Oils for what’s ailing YOU!

I've been toying with the idea of incorporating essential oils into my acupuncture practice for years. However, I found the idea daunting and a little scary to be honest. Why scary? Because I've actually had patients come into my office with second degree burns on their skin from improperly applying the oils! One patient even ended up in the hospital for two weeks because of her injuries from an oil called Heliochrysm.

Essential Oils for what’s ailing YOU!2019-04-02T20:56:25+00:00

The best way to love your liver

It has taken me what feels like a lifetime to understand that what I put into my mouth really and truly effects how I feel emotionally and physically. Our bodies are not equipped to withstand constant abuse and neglect, thinking that they will always be able to bounce back on their own. Most importantly, our livers are what end up suffering the most.

The best way to love your liver2019-04-02T20:57:28+00:00

What’s your gut reaction?!?!

Your stomach hurts, there's pain and bloating in your abdomen after you eat anything with gluten, you feel foggy headed and you're lacking energy. Focusing at work has become a chore because of the haze that's clouding your mind. You're anxious, depressed and sleepless, but your doctor has run every test that he knows of and the results keep coming back negative.

What’s your gut reaction?!?!2019-04-02T20:59:20+00:00
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